Aylin-Yuko 2

Dear Yuko,

I do apologize for my loquaciousness. I am not exactly “in touch” with the common vernacular, as I have heard. While I am not exactly a writer, I do have more than a little practice with words. Do not worry, though. I sincerely doubt that I would find your stories boring. There is something very exciting in hearing the stories of another person, and as a young person just getting started in life you will surely have many stories.

02-12-17_10:41:37 PM.png

I cannot profess to being familiar with the current educational system, but I infer that straight A’s is good, and moving out is always a big step in a person’s life. From the descriptions, your apartment sounds lovely.

Such a large family! Your parents sound like they were lovely people. I am sorry for your loss. It does sound like you grew up in a very loving family, but I am worried that they still think of you as the “baby” of the family, as it were. My family is not so large, not by a large margin.

02-12-17_10:52:27 PM.png

ゆうこ is exactly right! 優 子 is the kanji for that particular interpretation, though I believe many transcriptions have it Yuuko or Yūko to indicate a long vowel (not that I’m any expert)! “Gentle child” is definitely right, but I would suspect that the name can be spelled with more than one kanji, and some kanji have meanings that are hard to translate into other languages because of cultural differences in idioms and concepts or that can depend on context. It is a lovely name, though!

My sisters and I are certainly very close. Blood is thicker than water and all that. We were triplets, originally, and later Cassandra was born. Cass is not actually our sister, per se, but we treat her as one.

Your “fish tank” sounds very fun. Instruments are something of a hobby of mine. I enjoy singing very much, so while I have not tried karaoke, it seems as if it might be fun. Though I have dabbled in most instruments, the organ always calls me. You should certainly try it sometime.

02-12-17_11:40:42 PM.png

Do keep practicing painting. It is a worthy skill and you will enjoy the fruits if you put in the practice.

Yoga is a very good thing to work on. Keeping limber is highly important. I stretch frequently myself.

02-12-17_10:56:10 PM.png

If you like the boy more than you think you should, move on! There are more fish in the sea. Keep him at whatever length feels comfortable, do what feels right, and explore other options if you need to. Your actions may not be without consequences, and life is never without compromise, but if you don’t want to settle don’t let him make you.

It is just fine that your letter is long; I can be long winded myself.I would love for you to visit, but I warn you that I can be a bit… eccentric. While I do not have many house rules, you will probably find most of them strange.

02-12-17_11:16:05 PM.png

I will be straight with you: Forgotten Hollow is very historic, but if you look it up almost all you will find is vampire conspiracy theories. If you look at the tourism site you can find most of the non-crazy information, but almost any other site is guaranteed to be some old story about vampires. It is a nice old town, very small, and all the crazy does us good in keeping away urbanization. No one wants to build now houses or move out here, so the town has stayed very small. Really, the only people here are day tourists and residents like me.

02-12-17_11:09:31 PM.png

I hope you enjoyed your pizza, though it is doubtless long since eaten.



By Xaneathmar

Life is short and inspiration fleeting. Write what you can, while you can.

2 replies on “Aylin-Yuko 2”

Aylin’s “relationship advice” is loosely based off of her feeding patterns, although her “relationships” are usually a one-night sort of thing… in the park… at midnight… with whoever shows up.. ending in their remembering nothing…
Turns out if you define “relationship” very loosely, advice is very adaptable!


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