Dove-Meadow 4

A reply to: A letter from Meadow

Dear Meadow,

I apologize for the long gap between letters. I’ve been more than a bit busy lately, as you well may have guessed.

I’m… honestly amazed at your reaction. Based on my assessment of recorded normal reactions for this kind of a statement, I truly did expect you to be upset.

The babies have been born- yes, twins. Kiya and Kari. No pictures yet, sorry. Maybe when they’re older.

01-21-17_6:46:52 PM.png

Maki is staying here, and I am eternally grateful. She’s been amazing with the little ones, even though Kiya is quite the fussbudget. It’s been something of a hassle to juggle them and the job- I don’t know how Maki does it. She’s a freelance food critic and ex-bartender, so she does her research when I’m home and writes the columns after I leave, so she’ll be there to feed the twins. I don’t know if she’s ever had children of her own: she hasn’t said anything, and I haven’t asked.

01-24-17_8:53:30 AM.png

That’s a part of how our relationship works, really: Don’t ask, don’t tell. We generally don’t talk about our lives and such unless it comes up, and even then points are often skirted. I don’t need to know what came before this for her. She’ll tell me when she’s ready, and she extends the same courtesy to me. For now, it’s enough lying next to one another at night, or looking into the babies’ eyes when I get off work.

01-24-17_9:37:28 AM.png

Since I have the weekends off at the lab, I’ve been getting out more. Maki has encouraged me to go out jogging some, just around the plaza, and I’ve taken her advice. She’s done so much for me, encouraging me to do what I feel is right, reminding me that it’s okay to spend money on things every once in a while.

01-24-17_9:50:22 AM.png01-24-17_9:50:59 AM.png

My job is somewhat important to me, even if it isn’t very interesting. I don’t think I could give it up- and we certainly wouldn’t have the money for the apartment if I did. I wish I could spend more time with the little ones, but I’m really saving that for when they’re a little older and I can spend that precious time reading stories and playing games, when it really counts. As it is, they mostly sleep, even when I kiss them on their tiny foreheads at night.

It’s amazing to hear how Jena is growing! I’ll have to keep all of the things you do in mind, since time always seems quicker than you think. How wonderful that she is starting to speak English! And I’m glad to hear your painting is going well.

Personally, I cannot think of anything more precious than to truly know her as your daughter. She is now, in heart and soul, and that makes all the difference.




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