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Dove-Meadow 2

Reply to: A letter from Meadow

Dear Meadow:

I love your ideas on free and open communication! There’s nothing like a connection with someone. Jena’s stories sound fun- maybe someday I’ll hear one! Don’t worry- of course I was going to write back.

I meant every word I said about your family. They sound like wonderful people. Sometimes I wish I had some rose-colored glasses. I had a pair of my own on, the other day.

01-21-17_4:36:02 PM.png

The basil point is moot now, but thank you! Basil contains certain chemical compounds useful in synthesizing certain serums we use for testing. I ordered some seeds online yesterday, so we’ll be good now.

I think people would know if they were aliens, in this life at least. I mean, it’s hard to deny your biological makeup.

The meadows and fields of your home sound wonderful. My childhood was nothing like that, really. I think Jena will bloom and grow with all this love.

I don’t think crop circles are proof of aliens- I think the proof is in the fact that we even consider the possibility!

I don’t read much besides technical reports, but I do have a weakness for cheesy romance novels. One of my favorite authors is Izumi Yamaguchi- her style is slowly improving, but her story ideas are wonderful.

I’m sorry if this letter is a little short. I… got some surprising news.

01-21-17_4:41:05 PM.png

01-21-17_4:14:59 PM.png

My relationship is going through some troubles. I just had to say some very unkind things to another person, and I know I’m going to have to say them again tomorrow.


On the plus side, a neighbor came over to see what was happening. I think I may have a new friend?


I… honestly didn’t think anyone could make me feel good about what just happened. I didn’t think it was possible.

All the best,


By Xaneathmar

Life is short and inspiration fleeting. Write what you can, while you can.

10 replies on “Dove-Meadow 2”

I keep being worried about my pace- am I taking this too fast? I’ve already played through the next few steps in the plot, so I think I’ll wait a bit to play more. I should have enough for the next letter, so I’ll just chill and see what comes this way, and whether or not it will have fangs.

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Oh, I don’t think it’s too fast at all. I forget–are she and Jasper pen pals, too? If so, she could also write to him… I think there are a few others waiting for pen pals on the forums, so you could always head over there if Dove wanted another one. I’m finding that having several gives me flexibility in pacing!

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Double-checked the forums- Jasper is linked as a pen pal. Do we want to go through with that or should I look for someone else?


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