Pen Pals

Dove-Meadow 1

A reply to: A letter from Meadow McCumber

Dear Meadow,

Thank you for writing to me! I do agree, a Meadow and a Dove belong together.

It’s just fine that you like to share your feelings. I think life would be much improved by people sharing their honest feelings freely- but I may be biased on that, haha.

01-16-17_11:06:07 PM.pngI live in the Spice District myself! I love the free feeling in the air. It’s a great place to people-watch, I think.

You have a baby? That’s very sweet! I love children. I might have some of my own someday, but things are a little busy right now, and my apartment is a bit too small and cluttered for a baby.01-16-17_1:11:51 PM.png

Wow- what an amazing family! Your father and brother seem very on top of it all. I have to admit to not being a high-level scientist- mostly I collect data, fix things when they break, and take care of the plant samples. It’s really all just busywork- basic analysis, using the lab constructor device to assemble some stuff other people need- nothing that anyone couldn’t do with a little training. Actually, if you know any good places to get basil, that would be helpful- we need it for some of the latest experiments. Right now, we’re studying the chemicals that cause emotion- anger, sadness, that sort of thing. (The perfume industry is our main investor for this one, heh.)

I love folklore! My particular interest is in modern folklore- alien sightings and such. I know this may sound silly, but I really do believe in the supernatural- or whatever you would call an alien, I guess. My beliefs are all firmly rooted in science, but I’m willing to believe in extraterrestrials (aha! There’s the word!) for one reason or another. I guess I just don’t want to think we’re alone out there, you know?

It is certainly nice writing things other than lab reports and insurance claims. I really do live for my weekends- sometime I may go up to Granite Falls and collect some flora and fauna there. When one’s life is focused on one thing, it is truly a joy to do something else.

That is a very sweet nursery rhyme! I’m afraid I can’t think of a good rhyme for you right now- but it does bring up “Sing a song of sixpence” for me. All of the birds, I suppose.

I think it would be wonderful to write to you! I can’t wait to hear more about your life.01-16-17_11:11:42 PM.png



By Xaneathmar

Life is short and inspiration fleeting. Write what you can, while you can.

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