The Hunt is On

03-22-16_9:09:06 PM.pngWatcher…

Yes, J?

Shack. Now.

Got it! One shack, coming right up.03-22-16_9:31:45 PM.png

There, see? Shack! Less shacky on the inside, though.

03-22-16_9:32:58 PM.png

Yes, very nice, but I still have a Bladder need, you know?

Woodworking!03-22-16_9:35:07 PM.png

Ok, fine. Let Grandma get some sleep before you start that new garden, though.

You noticed the update?

Of course! Now, I have school. Do not blow anything up.

Aw, but here I was-

Joking. Bye for now, X.

Have a good wormhole, J.

Now then! House stuff!03-22-16_9:38:27 PM.png

Wait, how do ghosts even have a Bladder need?

03-22-16_9:39:36 PM.png

Welp, time for work.03-22-16_9:45:09 PM.png

Aaaaand back from work! Did you miss me?03-22-16_9:58:00 PM.png

A little… Nah. Not really.

Sophna acquired some Sixam fauna? May I see?

Woah, tone it down there.

Yes, of course. Later, though. I can get you a rocket at some point, if you’d like.

That would be nice. While the contraptions are very… clunky, they are more than adequate.

Well, if you actually want to get home Sophna will build a portal soon. Now, sleep tight, most everyone!

03-22-16_10:14:13 PM.png

You go, Flynna! Get those Growfruit!

03-22-16_10:18:08 PM.png

Planting- the essential step.

I love playing Flynna and her family. Over the course of one day, so much happens, all of it just a little bit offbeat and unique. Take these vignettes:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s all so random, so out of nowhere, and yet so natural. It’s their world, and I love it.

Oh, cut the sappy plum, X.

Since when do you say “plum”?

Since I was a teenager. I can still remember that, you know. Stop trying to do that whole “introspection” thing, and just play us straight for a change.

I can do both, you know. I just did.

Yeah, well, stop lampshading and-

J? You good there?

03-29-16_10:22:43 PM.png

What. The. Plum. Were. You. Thinking.

Hypocrite. You went shorter.

Yeah, well, a quick Plan Outfits and it’s back. You? Not. So. Much.

It grows back!

And it takes months. Real months, not our months.

Jaquelyna? You are okay?

Oh, I’m fine, Lols. It’s our great powerful floaty-sky-person I’m worried about.

What do you mean? Everything seems fine to me.

No, it’s not! That plum went and-

She didn’t.

She did. She went ahead and got her hair cut.


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