03-17-16_7:57:56 AM.png

Hello again, Watcher.

Hello, Jaquelyna. Still mad?

Yes! I don’t know what is happening here, but it had better be good!

Your Saved Game’s file got corrupted. I made one trip back to extract everyone, but these were the only versions of you I could pull out.

So that explains why Mom’s an adult again?

03-17-16_8:03:37 AM.png

Yep. Technically you shouldn’t be able to remember any of the stuff that got lost in the file corruption, but-

-But I’m Insane. Got it. I take it that’s why you brought Lola, despite the fact that she and Sophna technically have no Romance meter progression?03-17-16_8:07:08 AM.png

Yep. Can’t leave her behind. Or anyone else, for that matter.

What does that mean?

I’ll let someone else explain that for me who knows a little more.

03-17-16_8:09:39 AM.png

“Okay, who are you?” Jaquelyna demanded. “What is this place?”

“Willow Creek, technically,” said Journey McKenna. “You were moved to a smaller lot for the time being, though- we took over Oakenstead.

“That would explain a lot,” replied Jaquelyna while looking at their temporary accommodations. “Also, I call the leopard tent.”03-17-16_8:12:18 AM.pngWow, it’s odd to see you advance the plot using dialogue for once, right?

Well, it has been a while.

“During which time she came up with me,” Journey continued.

03-17-16_8:19:11 AM.png

“Wait,” said Jaquelyna. “You can hear us?”

Sort of, Journey subvocalized. I don’t come by it naturally, like you, though. It took a long time.

“Ah,” said Jaquelyna. “Maxed Wellness.”

“Basically, yes,” Journey explained. “But enough character reveal for now. Let’s sit by the fire and I’ll tell you what happened.”03-17-16_8:27:14 AM.png

“So,” said Flynna, “our home save was corrupted, so you pulled us all out?”

Yes. I pulled you out, along with all the townies, and put you on this fresh save, along with Journey’s household and house.

“She says that she transferred everyone but the pre-mades to this save with McKenna,” Lola translated for Sophna, the only non-Insane member of the household.

“Basically, my story was that I’d run a house for DTS refugees, more or less,” Journey elaborated. “Somewhere they could get in some story progression before being transferred instead of being stuck in the Local Gallery. But I can take all of your refugees too- only five at a time, but I can do that. Then we can hope that someone needs some sims for something and transfer them there.”

“What about townies generated here?” asked Ratna, pointing a a newly-generated Townie teen.03-17-16_8:35:58 AM.png

“We’ll process them too,” replied McKenna. “We just need to take care of your refugees first. If it’s okay with you…”

I’ll transfer the first group to your household right away! Hopefully, we can find someone to take care of the sims when they’re ready.


So there you have it! The Lujans and the Townies of their world are saved, but they need good homes. Journey McKenna and her partner Jana Cannon will be taking care of them and letting them get in some play time while they wait for someone to find them a place! Hopefully, I can actually find some stories and such that need sims and give them my refugees!


2 Replies to “Yippee”

    1. Yes, she is! I was a little sad to see that the only version of her I could retrieve was still a Child, but I think there will still be lots of Insane hijinks in her future.

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