03-14-18_5:28:08 PM.png

Hello, blog… thing.

How do I even start one of these?

Okay, so I have no idea what I’m doing. I only just started a blog because something freaky happened to me, and I wanted to find out if anyone else knew about it. I mean, before this, this is all you would have seen.

02-27-16_9:49:55 PM

But if that were all I have to share, I wouldn’t be writing this. I’d be slogging through another lab report. To cut to the point- I had a weirdly vivid dream last night. Normally I ignore them, but this one was so bizarre, so clear… So I checked the security camera footage from that night. Most of it was scrambled, but I saved a few pictures…

02-27-16_10:09:05 PM

02-27-16_10:07:53 PM

02-27-16_10:08:05 PM

02-27-16_10:14:39 PM

I brought them into the lab, but I never got an answer. So this thing is my best chance. I just hope someone else knows what is going on…

02-27-16_10:35:30 PM


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