Renovatrix: Pilot

Tired of her boring day job designing office buildings, master architect and designer Maggie Madison decided to start fresh. Now she travels the world renovating houses of all shapes and sizes, stopping occasionally to bring you new episodes of…


Hey, it’s me, Maggie, and boy am I excited to show you what we’ve got today! This week, we’re taking a bargain buy and turning it into a bargain beauty! Show ’em the house, Jake!

09-07-18_11:13:55 PM

Pretty nice little house, right? Solid construction. The plants are a little brown, but that’s because winter’s only just ended here in Willow Creek. Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s head inside!

09-07-18_11:15:14 PM

Well, I can see why this was such a steal. These floorboards are going to need refinishing, maybe even replacing, and the walls will need plaster and paint. We do have some old furniture the previous owners left behind, but not much else.

09-07-18_11:15:45 PM

Kitchen… Oh boy, these cupboards are going to need replacing, not to mention the appliances. Looks like we might need to put in a bookshelf too. I shudder to think of the code violations hiding in that plumbing.

09-07-18_11:16:11 PM

Well, the bathroom isn’t too bad. The tub is vintage, so replacing it with a newer model might be a good idea for a couple of reasons – retrofitting will be hard, but people who like vintage furnishings will jump at the chance to take it off our hands! We’ll have to replaster the walls, though, and the flooring is too chipped – it’ll have to go.

09-07-18_11:16:33 PM

The bedroom isn’t strictly bad – for a cheap apartment in San Myshuno. For a first home, we want something a little cozier, definitely a couple or real dressers. The carpet’s going to need cleaning, and we’ll want to get new wallpaper in here.

09-07-18_11:16:47 PM

And finally… a completely empty room! Once we get everything cleaned up, this is going to be the most fun, because we get to decide what goes in here! I’m thinking that we want either a kid’s room or a study, and at the moment I’m leaning towards study, but we’ll see what happens once we get the carpet replaced!

09-07-18_11:17:13 PM

Ooh, almost forgot! Outside, we have this little glade. Some would say to tear it up, but I think we can work with what we’ve been given here. A little rock moving, a little light paving…

09-08-18_10:07:33 AM.png

Well, here goes! I’ll see you with a work-in-progress soon!

Hello there, renovixens! It’s been about a week on the site, so let’s see what we’ve got done!

09-08-18_10:04:47 AM

Here we have the living room and kitchen! The brand-new flooring is in! We don’t have the new walls in, but we’re going to go with plaster and paint.

09-08-18_10:05:07 AM

Here’s the empty room! We have the new paint, but we’re still stripped down to the baseboards. Once we have new carpet in we’ll start with furniture plans.

09-08-18_10:06:16 AM

The bathroom looks pretty plain, I know, but we’re busy putting in all the new plumbing right now and you do not want to see the mess right off-camera. We’re going to put in the wall and floor tile once we’re done!

09-08-18_10:06:28 AM

See you at the finish line!

Well, folks, we did it! Look at this lovely! We extended the overhang on the roof to catch rain and replaced the windows, so the new owners will be ready for every season!

09-10-18_3:48:52 PM

Welcome to the new living room! We kept the old couch but reupholstered it, and yes that is a brand-new bay window! It matches all of the new windowframes and the new door, and it will provide plenty of light to the room.

09-10-18_3:49:37 PM

Here’s the new kitchen! Fully furnished, with room to add cabinets, and a dishrack by the sink. Sturdy appliances will last for generations!

09-10-18_3:50:12 PM

Bathroom ahoy! Fresh tile on the walls and floor, and a tub that can withstand the slipperiest of toddlers. The other fixtures could stand some work still, but we wanted to keep the house affordable with furnishings.

09-10-18_3:50:49 PM

Aaaaand welcome to the study! Yes, the empty room is now a study, but it could be easily converted for kids with a little work. The desk oughta be a keeper, though – we found it at a garage sale, chair and all, and it just took a little varnish to get this one looking swell.

09-10-18_3:51:00 PM

Finally, the bedroom. New dressers, new lamps, and of course a new bed. We eventually went with all-new carpet to keep the room looking fresh, but it didn’t really eat into the profit margins so we went for it.

09-10-18_3:51:27 PM

Oh! How could I forget? We rearranged some rocks, sprinkled in some paving stones and added a bench, and voila! One little garden getaway, right in your own backyard! There’s plenty of room to add a gazebo down the line and to landscape more, too.

09-10-18_3:51:50 PM

Now, this might seem unlikely, but this house is on the market! Yes, right now! This bargain beauty is up for sale for only 20,000 simoleons, including furnishings! If any viewers are looking for a new place to live, they might want to check this out – and if any viewers have a big renovation project coming up, they might want to give us a call at REN-OVA-TRIX !

Well, that’s all for now – see you next time on RENOVATRIX!



¡Oye! Buenos días.”

08-16-18_11:44:01 PM

Buenos días to you too, sleepyhead. El desayuno is almost ready.”

08-16-18_11:39:10 PM

Ay, María, what would I do without you?”

“Go hungry. Eat.”

Te amo.

Tambien te amo, cariña. Now eat.”

For a few minutes, the only sounds in the small house are clinking forks on plates.

Savroso como siempre. You are a good cook!”

Ay, no me digas.


08-17-18_12:38:00 AM

“Ah, sorry. I gotta walk Daisy. See you after work, sweetheart.”

08-16-18_11:41:52 PM

“Oh, you are not getting away without a proper kiss, you!”

08-16-18_11:42:53 PM

¡Dios mio! Someone’s in a mood.”

“Well, maybe I am. So what? Aren’t you happy to get a kiss from your girlfriend?”

“Of course I am! See you later, chica.”

Hasta luego, cariña.

08-16-18_10:16:47 PM.png

08-17-18_12:36:34 AM

“Hey, I’m home! I brought tamales–”

08-17-18_12:44:54 AM

Juana pauses. María is nowhere to be seen.

¿Cariña? Did you go out while I was at work?”

She pokes her head past the dividers that separate the bedroom from the rest of the house.


“Do you have any idea how hard it is? I get that you have problems, but you can’t just sleep all day!”


08-17-18_12:47:39 AM

“No! You will not cariña your way out of it this time! It’s been two months, María! ¡No puedo seguir así! No–

¡Juana, me quedé sin medicamentos!

Juana stops.

¿Qué pasó?

Los tomé a todos.

María…” Juana trails off. “María, why didn’t you tell me this before?”

08-17-18_12:48:33 AM

“I was afraid.”

“Of what?”

“I don’t know. All I know is, I was afraid.”

“María, you need to tell me these things. I can’t help you if I don’t know.”

“But Juana… What if you leave me someday? What if you go out and you don’t come back?”

“María, I will never leave you. Nunca te dejaré, okay? Now let’s eat. I’ll make some mac-n-cheese.

08-17-18_12:52:24 AM

As Juana begins peeling off her tank top to go to bed, María stops her.



“Can you stay up with me? Just a little longer.”

“Of course.

08-17-18_12:33:58 AM

Love isn’t about loving someone in spite of their problems.

It’s about loving them and accepting that they will need your help.

Love takes work. It takes patience and hope, it takes trying and failing, and it takes getting back up again and trying again. It’s not easy. It never has been.

But for love, it’s worth it.


T’s been really handy around the house lately. We had a tense moment where it felt like all of the plumbing had broken at once, but she fixed it all without me even needing to call a repairman!

04-04-18_11:36:07 AM.png

She did, however, make some changes in the bathroom that I’m not so sure about.

04-04-18_11:37:11 AM.png

I know, it’s just a toilet… but it’s got all these buttons and things… T says I’ll love it, but she also says that it’s got a simple AI that can perform basic conversations… Isn’t that a little much for a toilet?

Maybe I’m just getting old.


How? HOW?

04-03-18_2:45:14 AM.png

My little girl is a teenager already… how did this happen? She’s not allowed to grow up! She has to stay young and precious forever!

On the other hand, she can help out at the clinic now. Still…

04-03-18_2:18:55 AM.png

I liked her room better when it was full of kitty patterns.



Well, I did it. I finally have my own little clinic. It isn’t much, but it’s mine. So long as I pay the rent.

04-03-18_12:22:13 AM.png

Isn’t it nice? I can’t believe how affordable the rent is either. Dr. Ien only charges a percentage of the profits, he lets me use all of his equipment, and he let me set up a little play corner for Theremin so that I don’t have to leave her alone at home after school!

04-03-18_12:22:26 AM.png

Finally, I’ll be able to do what I really love.


Hey, internet!

Oh, god, I just got a weird sense of déjà vu. Happens all the time, though. Nevermind.

I’m Landon Rivera, part-time lab tech and veterinary student. This is my daughter Theremin and her cat Thermidor.

03-31-18_4:31:22 PM.png


I’m starting this blog because I have amnesia. I forget things. Last time I forgot eight years of my life, including my own daughter.

03-31-18_4:28:25 PM.png

She said she was okay, she was used to it, but I found her crying in the bathroom with an old toy car. So, I’m starting this blog so that I can read it and remember next time.

I’m so sorry, Theremin. You deserve someone who won’t forget.


03-31-18_2:19:23 PM.png

I’m so sorry, Dad.

For all those reading this post: this blog no longer exists, as far as you are concerned. It will no longer update. There will be no responses to any questions.

Do not try to track us down. Do not try to e-mail, post, or comment. Your contacts have been deleted, and any messages you try to send will be too.

You have been warned.

03-31-18_4:04:23 PM.png

Oh, my head. Wait, where am I?

03-31-18_4:04:46 PM.png


Who are you?

Oh no… You really don’t… It’s never been this bad before…

Please, don’t you remember? I’m your daughter, Theremin.



Well, the aliens have been at it again. Overnight, my house went from this:

03-31-18_1:23:48 PM.png

To this:

03-31-18_1:31:11 PM.png

My living space literally just doubled. It’s all set up, too – just look at Theremin’s new room!

03-31-18_1:59:18 PM.png

Maybe, just maybe, these aliens will help me.


They grow up so fast…

03-30-18_9:08:41 AM.png

I feel so guilty. T really should be starting school. As this day approached, though, I’ve been paying more and more attention to the headlines. There’s just too many ones about alien children being attacked at their schools.

I’ll homeschool her. It’s the only safe option. I don’t know where I’ll find the time, but I’ve got to do it.

Honestly, I’ve been thinking of a career change. I’ll have to properly rent this place instead of just having it through my job, but it’ll be worth it if I can follow my dreams and give T the father she deserves.

I’m still thinking about it, but likely I will go back to school and become a veterinarian! Getting Thermidor reminded me how much I love animals and taking care of them, and how much I wanted to be a vet when I was young. It’s never too late to follow your dreams.

The house is going to be small for the three of us, but we’ll manage. It’s what we do.


Yep, I’m a sucker.

03-30-18_8:23:37 AM.png

Meet Thermidor. He’s an Egyptian Mau kitten I got from a breeder.


T is, as usual, delighted.

More news: I got another check in the mail. Guess what I did with it?

03-30-18_8:38:34 AM.png

Yep: toddler stuff. And kitten stuff.