Kim isn’t very happy either.

09-23-17_4:55:40 PM.png

A few weeks ago, she got a letter in the mail offering her a scholarship to St. Jenny’s Girls Boarding School for her high grades. She took it.

09-23-17_4:57:20 PM.png

St. Jenny’s is very strict. She has to wear a uniform, even on Sundays.

09-23-17_5:03:21 PM.png

She has a roommate, Lisa Nunn. Lisa has never been hungry, never worried about her future.

09-23-17_5:09:16 PM.png

The cafeteria is enormous. Kim couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw it, just like so much of the school. People live here?

09-23-17_5:27:43 PM.png

But they do. And for better or for worse, Kim is one of them now.



Kori only smiles in her sleep.

09-23-17_4:30:21 PM.png

During the day, she reads all the books she can get her hands on. She reads very fast.

09-23-17_4:33:16 PM.png

Sometimes she has nightmares.

09-23-17_4:38:28 PM.png

There’s a new test – the block test.

09-23-17_4:40:19 PM.png

Every day, she watches for weaknesses. Every day, she tries to find her way out.

09-23-17_4:43:58 PM.png

Someday, she will find her friends.


She’s alone now.

09-22-17_6:31:30 PM.png

The group is no more. It’s just Emma and the orphanage.

09-22-17_6:38:13 PM.png

Holly and Ivy got adopted. At the last minute, some woman swept in and got them both.

09-23-17_3:57:07 PM.png

It’s great. For them. They get to stay together.

09-23-17_4:07:45 PM.png

But who cares about Emma? Fifth wheel, odd one out.

09-23-17_4:10:01 PM.png

Nobody wants Emma.


Two gone, three left. Holly and Ivy are starting to think that they’re going to be the only ones left.

09-22-17_6:15:54 PM.png

But even that is in doubt. A couple came by for once, and they only want one kid. One, of what must always be a pair.

09-22-17_6:27:37 PM.png

Is there anything they can do if their prospective parents don’t change their minds?

09-22-17_6:36:01 PM.png

Yes. Yes, there is.


The girls, as it happens, are at an orphanage.

09-20-17_11:56:30 PM.png

They get to go to school now, which is a relief for them. Otherwise, there’d be no escaping Mrs. Bullard.

09-21-17_12:00:25 AM.png

Mrs. Bullard runs the orphanage. It’s just her and the girls there, and she hates children.

09-21-17_12:03:17 AM.png

They sleep on creaky beds in tiny rooms. It’s technically better than what they had, but they used to have freedom.

09-21-17_12:15:22 AM.png

The only way out would be adoption… and what are the chances of that?

09-21-17_9:10:06 PM.png

If there were any other way, you’d take it, wouldn’t you? Even if it meant breaking up the group.

09-21-17_9:18:40 PM.png

Then again, Kori’s gone. She was the leader, and what’s a group without a leader?

09-21-17_9:12:32 PM.png

This is Kim’s dilemma.


09-08-17_6:37:15 AM.png

Kori used to be happy. She had friends.

09-08-17_5:04:42 PM.png

They lived in a junkyard, scavenging for lost toys, selling them to a local fence in exchange for food.

09-08-17_5:26:46 PM.png

Holly, Emma, Ivy, Kim… Where are they now?

09-08-17_5:27:53 PM.png

They had found a dollhouse. A cheap toddler dollhouse, but a dollhouse nonetheless.

09-08-17_5:39:00 PM.png

They had played with it all day. It was the most fun any one of them had ever had in a long time.

09-08-17_5:40:10 PM.png

Yasmine showed up to take it, of course. That night they were sad, and the next morning Kori was in the lab.

09-19-17_11:50:04 PM.png

Meals appear, and Kori eats them. Workbooks appear, and Kori completes them.

09-19-17_11:52:06 PM.png

There’s a TV on the wall, broadcasting children’s programs and old movies. No news stations. Nothing recent.

09-20-17_11:28:10 PM.png

In the other cells, Kori can see other people. One man, one girl her age, and one empty cell.

09-20-17_11:29:42 PM.png

Who are they? What is this place?

09-20-17_11:32:27 PM.png

When she woke up, they shaved her head and took her picture. Her clothes were already gone.

09-20-17_11:30:56 PM.png

They do tests. Kori is very good at tests. They do the chess test, where they give her a chess puzzle and tell her to solve it.

09-20-17_11:36:26 PM.png

Then there’s the game test. You need two people for the game test. They play the game, and whoever wins passes the test. Kori doesn’t like to lose.

09-20-17_11:38:12 PM.png

The man gets different tests. Kori wonders if she will ever have to do those tests.

09-20-17_11:42:30 PM.png

Kori has learned from the girl that there are four people who work here- a scientist, a doctor, and two nurses. They make the food and hand out the books.

09-20-17_11:45:26 PM.png

Kori wonders if she will ever see her friends again.


I’ve already exhausted every resource at the library. I have to go further.

09-16-17_9:16:38 PM.png

What I’m doing is incredibly dangerous. I won’t be able to leave the house for a while.

09-16-17_9:17:04 PM.png

I’m doing it during the day. They’d be awake if I came at night.

09-16-17_9:23:45 PM.png

I’m afraid to leave her for so long, but she can take care of herself now.

09-16-17_9:26:17 PM.png

Besides, I need the book.

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