So, again, I wound up hacking security cameras. This time it was at the hospital.

Please tell me that you’re seeing what I’m seeing. Please tell me I’m not crazy.

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03-14-18_5:53:26 PM

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Edit: This is a photo from home this morning.

03-14-18_6:01:45 PM.png

The birth certificate is written half in gibberish, but the bits I can read say that it’s a female named Theremin. Did I give her that name? It sounds like something I would have done…

What am I gonna do?

Please, if you have any ideas, any links, anything…

I hate to say this, but internet commenters, you are my only hope.



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Work has been going okay lately…

03-14-18_5:38:36 PM.png

…apart from this.

Yeah. I’ve been really packing on the pounds lately, but something tells me it’s a little more than that. Namely, the fact that I’ve been scheduled for a surgery in about a week.

Edit: Here’s a more recent photo. Does anyone have any idea what all this is?

Epilogue: Tofu

Dawn is beautiful over the city.

11-19-17_10:18:38 AM.png

David’s new life is tiring, but only about as tiring as farming.

11-16-17_10:37:49 PM.png

Day and night he busks for tips in the streets of San Myshuno.

11-16-17_10:12:57 PM.png

Tofu is with him, of course… mostly.

It’s thanks to her that he’s out of Newcrest. She saved Edda Spence from drowning and became a national hero. Tours, speeches, ribbons presented by Dr. Spence himself and a slightly older Edda… Tofu got the royal treatment, and David got to give it to her.

All good things must come to an end, though. As Tofu got older, she got sick, and it became clear that Newcrest didn’t have the facilities to take care of her. So it was that the two of them were shipped out to the little town of Brindleton Bay and the pet hospital there, and so it was that Tofu died outside of Newcrest’s control.

So David left.

11-16-17_10:17:19 PM.png

What else could he do? He took the urn with Tofu’s ashes and his guitar, and he ran.

The dawn is beautiful over San Myshuno, because it’s free.

Chapter 5: But Not in Newcrest

David doesn’t believe in accidents anymore.

11-13-17_9:31:25 PM

After spending months consoling his brother Elui after their mom Kinley’s death, David is pretty sure that Kinley’s little “pool ladder accident” was a setup.

He’s also pretty sure that his “purple dreams” are no accident. They always start with him being alone, but then a purple toddler appears and turns into Elui. They happen often enough… what could they mean? Elui is his brother, right?

But if Elui isn’t his brother… what does that mean about all of their little daily interactions? All the times their hands brush, all the times their eyes meet– there’s no explaining that if they aren’t brothers. That’s just how brothers are… or at least that’s how they are. They are normal. Definitely.

It all comes to a head, of course.

11-13-17_9:33:09 PM

Elui starts it. “Time is short,” he says.

11-13-17_9:33:20 PM

“So I have to do this now.”

11-13-17_9:33:47 PM

Suddenly, it all makes sense. They’re not brothers. They never have been.

“Show me,” David says.

11-13-17_9:34:12 PM

And there he is. The purple toddler, all grown up. E lui. More than just a name.

It doesn’t matter.

11-13-17_9:34:46 PM

“But it does,” he says, Elui Kahn, lui. “Because I have to leave.”

Why, says David without saying it. Why can’t you stay? You’ve always been here.

“But I haven’t.” The images are coming so fast. A crash, stars, burning. Time and space. “I haven’t happened yet. I have to go make sure that I do.” Such strange words. E bizoo in’i E. I am the clone of myself.

“But what does it mean?”

“It means that I must exist in order to have existed. I come from the future and the past, from all times and no time. I stayed for you, but if I don’t leave soon bad things will happen. There will never have been a me.”



11-13-17_9:35:22 PM

And so he leaves, lui Elui Kahn, to cause himself to be, to donate the genetic sample that he will be cloned from.

11-13-17_9:36:17 PM

And David will not forget.

Kubi Kedi biju Pi: Kedi’s Diary 2


E yoziyuahleuzi (momokwe hoplogafaze-gafaze hoplovoxouki). Yoyo. E lsurravensaizi hsaveynji. E lsurravensaizi soyano.

E shishizo-payazo kuri! A payazo hadespaya. Gohan hadespaya? Hadespaya miki…

Ji kuri yosanghi. A in’zi’ni yoliyu / E in’zi’ni yonaajuné. Momokwe yoisuravelsituzi! Kuri ba! Kuri mositu! Kuri naati lsuravelsituzi.

Biju-Kubi Kedi

Dear Diary,

I don’t think Mum reads this. Good. I want privacy. I want secrets.

I heard forty-two! She sang hadesong. What is hadesong? Hadesong is pretty…

But forty-two isn’t safe. She has no time, and I have no power. Mum doesn’t understand! Forty-two is important! Forty-two is my friend! Forty-two is the only one who understands.

Kedi (forty-seven)

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